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Excerpt from "An Interview with Josh Worden" by Rick Grant, EU Magazine

To get the skinny on these major dudes, I called Josh Worden. During our telephone interview, Josh came off as an honest, down to earth person who is genuinely enthusiastic about the Badlands Trio project. He sold me on the concept.

"We write songs with vocals and some instrumentals that allow for improvisation. Above all, we have to believe in the songs and ask ourselves would we listen to the songs if they were written by other artists? Of course, it’s difficult to step away from the music completely and be objective. But we try and work on the songs until we feel they are ready for prime time.” Josh said.

I venture to say that after chatting with Josh, I’m confident that this trio will deliver the goods and move ahead as a hot new band with unlimited potential. Frankly, I’m intrigued.

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